How to change your shopping habits and reach your monthly LRP

Shopping list for Monthly LRP

I thought I would share a few ideas on how to achieve your monthly LRP (Loyalty Rewards Programme)

We all buy things from the supermarket / chemist / online for body, face, hair care, maybe supplements , cleaning products etc 

So why not save $ and get products that are low tox and that have essential oils in them and that can earn you free oils and other product ?

Check out my list below on items that I purchase and how I can sustain a 100pv plus order a month, earning myself free product with free points.

These are the products that I use and purchase regularly instead of at the supermarket etc 

I don’t buy them every month of course, many last a long time so you don’t need to buy all the time,  but there is enough to rotate through. So I save by not buying these at the supermarket / chemist etc and buy them on my doTERRA account and I feel better using products that are low tox and have beneficial essential oils in them.  

I’ll also be adding more to the list ow that we have more products coming into Australia.

You can use some of these in your monthly LRP order along with your oils that you want to order. 

I often hear people say oh I can’t order that amount of oils every month.. I don’t need any more oils this month etc .. But they really want to earn their points and or get the free POM ( product of the month ) so they buy doubles and then fall into a loop of having too many of the one oil etc. 

I also often hear that people are surprised at all the products that doTERRA have and forget to think about buying something like doTERRA foaming hand wash and buy the ‘supermarket’ foaming hand wash.. And if you have never read the ingredient list on the back you would be shocked at what is actually in them ! .. 

So have a look through my list and see what you might like to add to your LRP orders so that you can earn your products free and be able to get the FREE product of the month ( by ordering before the 15th of each month ) 

Along with the oils you order, by switching your shopping habits you will easily reach your LRP goal.

Make LRP work for YOU !! Check out the products here 


What I purchase: 

Shampoo Conditioner – I tend to get the double pack which is one of each $39 – 26PV – the whole family uses these I do sometimes still alternate with other special shampoo myself as my hair tends to get used to the same one.

Healthy Hair Glaze – $22.00 USD (about $29)  – 15PV – this is equivalent to hair serum and for blowdrying – its awesome, light and lush and you don’t need much.

Root to tip serum $42.50 – 37 PV – i use this all the time After washing in the ends and after blow-drying and or in between washes on the ends. I only use it on the ends though.

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash ( if I am not making my own ) $32 – 23.50PV – this is in all our bathrooms, kitchen and laundry – Its fantastic and NO nasties !

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate – $18 – 10 PV this is in glass spray bottles pour 1/4 of a spray bottle in with it and top with water and spray away ! Use neat for stubborn spots and in the loo No need to buy cleaners anymore !
I also use ekoWorx and use both for the best cleaning affect. But On guard cleaner works perfectly well on its own.

On Guard Throat Drops – $19 – 16PV – a Must have during winter ! – take some getting used to for some people but really help keep the bugs away

Easy Air Clear Drops – $21.50- 8.50PV really helps with easing the nose 

Easy Air Vapor stick $15.00 – 5.50 PV – awesome to use on your chest and back to help with breathing and open the airways

On Guard Laundry Detergent $44 – 23 PV ( Currently $39.60 and 20.70PV)  This does up to 64 Loads of washing – so that is less than 70cents a load !! – No need to buy Laundry liquid or powder at the shops .

Hand and Body Lotion $24 – 14.50 PV – this has no smell and you can use as is or ADD your FAVE essential oils for extra benefit and smell !

Body wash Refreshing Body Wash $22 – 11PV – Use this every day and LOVE it no need to buy soap or body wash and NO nasties 

Deodorant Stick ( if I am not making my own ) $15.00 – 5.50 PV – No nasties no need for deodorant 

Ice Blue Athletic Rub  $38 – 31PV ( instead of deep heat type creams )  – No need to buy Deep Heat that have nasties – easy those aching muscles 

Below are the skincare items that I use – They naturally last for some time and there are others that I will also be introducing so I would say that each month I will add one back in.

Anti Aging Moisturiser  – $51 – 39PV I use this daily on face especially forehead

Tightening Serum – $73 – 55 PV – I use this daily on face especially forehead 

Facial Toner $28 – 21PV I use this daily after cleaning and before moisturising 

Verage Moisturiser – $38 – 28PV – I use this daily on my face and neck in the morning 

Hydrating Cream – $51 – 39PV – I use this daily at night on face and neck

Anti Aging Eye Cream – $66 – 50PV – I use this daily under the eyes for reducing darkness and puffiness 

Salubelle ( Imortelle ) Beauty Blend – $97 – 88PV – I use this daily on my décolletage and throat 

HD clear $31 – 23.50PV – Use for spots and blemishes – we have a couple of these in our home.

Correct X  $18 – 9.50 PV – this little tube of goodness is perfect for carrying in your hand bag or in the car to assist with bites, abrasions or any other skin irritations – quick and easy

You can check out all the products here 


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