eBook – The fine print including Copyright

Copyright and eBooks

eBooks are subject to the same Copyright laws that print books are. Each page in your ebook is stamped with your name and email address and licensed privately to your name and email address only. This means you can not distribute or share  the eBook all or part there of in any way privately or commercially.

There is a section in the book with also covers Copyright.

How do I download my ebook?

After you purchase the eBook or Club/eBook bundle , the ebook will be available for immediate download.
You can also return to download it later on by clicking the link in your order confirmation email.

This is an extremely helpful link to help you download your eBook.

If you purchased in PRE SALE you will be emailed the link to download your book. Please note it will NOT be an attachment it will be a link that is specifically YOUR link.
Here are some tips for viewing ….
*Please also note that eBooks are exactly the same in regards to copyright as a printed book.
*Your book will be stamped discretely at the bottom of each page as a copyrighted book for your personal use with your name and email address and not for distribution or sharing in any way. You can not screen shot recipes in full or part there of and share via any method or on any social media or any method . There is a page in the book in regards to copyright. Please note there are extremely heavy penalties for infringing on copyright.
* Make sure support AT mixingfoodandlife.com is in your accepted email addresses. ( Replace the AT with a @ and close up the blanks )
* Click on the link in the email I send you.
* Save as PDF
* Choose View Single Page / Continuous Scroll / Two Page ( not everyone will have exactly those items but will be similar ) If you can choose TWO PAGE then do so as it is set out just like a book. With the cover photo being – well the cover ! and then the pages start


If you purchased after the pre sale your link will be available for download after payment is made