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Welcome to Thermoblitz – Mixing Food and Life

This blog  was created after quite a number of requests from nearly 10,ooo likers (at the time) on my facebook page. There are now over 28000 You can find the Thermoblitz Mixing Food and Life Facebook page HERE

I purchased a Thermomix in May 2012. I belonged to a couple of facebook groups and they urged me to start a facebook page – so Thermoblitz was born in August 2012. Its there that my recipe creating really took off .
I have been encouraged along the way by so many people that enjoy my style of recipes and the visuals of the food I cook.
Who have then taken my recipes and enjoyed cooking them for their family and friends and even to use my recipes and develop them further to feature in their books and websites.

So a blog was really a natural progression.

The style of cooking you will find on this page was originally based around using a Thermomix. In March 2016 I stopped using a Thermomix and started using the Tefal Cuisine Companion.

In 2017 I wrote and self published a cookbook for the Cuisine Companion, the hard copy version sold out but I still have the eBook version available to purchase here.

The Thermomix recipes that I have developed with a TM31 pre Cuisine Companion will remain under the one category of Thermomix Recipes

In May 2018 I stopped using a Cuisine Companion and started using the Thermomix TM5 – you can read the update re that on this post

The sort of recipes you will find will vary. There will be some raw style foods, a lot of regular every day foods but mostly you will find easy to follow recipes that I have created with the one thought in mind “how can I make this a healthier version”   So whilst they won’t necessarily be dairy free, gluten free etc they will be general every day foods that are not complicated whilst designed with enjoying great food whilst making it better for you in some way.

All the recipes on this blog are written by myself and all the photos are my photos taken by me of recipes created by me.  Unless I am featuring someone else’s recipe and all correct credit will be given in the applicable post.

If you share a recipe of mine please link back to the actual blog post and note the author – being Thermoblitz Mixing Food & Life

Thank you for visiting my blog

Enjoy Good Food (and a Good Red) xxx

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