Creamy Tangy Mayonnaise In Your Cuisine Companion (Not Raw)

Creamy Tangy Mayonnaise In Your Cuisine Companion with no Raw Eggs..

Many years ago I contracted Salmonella, it wasn’t pretty ? In fact it was downright awful ? I’ve always tended to therefore make Mayo with a cooked base. I had a lovely Thermomix mayonnaise recipe that I created, but I have to say making this version in the Cuisine Companion is outstanding..
It takes it to a new level of creamy whipped deliciousness.

One of the things with the Thermomix recipe was the mess on the lid , as you will see in your Cuisine Companion there is barely a splash of anything on the lid, so easy to clean up and as always so quiet …..



Mayo Base
2 eggs
20g apple cider (optional see note below)
20g lemon juice
20g dijon mustard

240g macadamia oil,  olive oil (not extra virgin it must be a very light tasting olive oil) coconut oil – there is a liquid coconut oil you can purchase that has very little taste.



Insert whisk and place all ingredients except oil into the bowl and whisk on speed 6 for 30 seconds
Then cook on speed 5 at 70 degrees for 4 minutes with the stopper out.
Next step is very important, scrape out mayo base into a glass jug or other heatproof jug to cool down. After about 5 minutes you can place in fridge for a quicker cool down.
No need to wash bowl just scrape out well.
Scrape back mayo base into CC bowl with whisk inserted
With the CC on speed 5 slowly drizzle in the oil of choice through the hole for around 1.30 minutes

Scrape out into a lovely glass jar and store in the fridge – use within 7-10 days. No double dipping of spoons ?

Note – you can opt out with the apple cider vinegar and increase the lemon juice to 30 or 40g depending on how tangy you like it – adjust to suit taste.