Charlie Teo – a Modern Day Hero

I felt compelled to write about this man .

This man , no,  more than that  – This Hero – Charlie Teo

Not just a hero because he has saved countless lives and is a pioneer in brain surgery but for so many other reasons.

I’ve always been in awe of him and said he’d be the only person I’d want inside my brain – but after watching him on The Conversation with Alex Malley today –  wow just WOW

Lets start with what grabbed at my heart the most

“I think we’re doing the wrong thing”
YES Charlie I think so too.
I’ve always said ” we all have cancer cells and something triggers it to turn into the ‘nasty cancer’ be it environment , Stressors , what we consume , what we put on our bodies, what we use in our daily lives etc
Its why I develop recipes with more natural ways for our consumption and for products in our home. The additives in our food and the personal and home products are not doing us any favours. They are doing us more harm than good.

I watched my mother die a horrid death from Ovarian Cancer and secondary brain cancer. She became a person I no longer knew. Sure she my mum but she became this little frail old lady and that thing inside her head made her spit out awful words one moment and then disappear into some other place where she had no idea what was going on , our reality was not her reality 😦 She wanted me to get married in the palliative care garden , she had no concept of where she was , she just thought that their gardens were lovely . She thought her wheel chair was a car and wondered if I had my license to drive her. She said some awful things to me 😦 sadly as much has I have tried over the past 16 years they have stayed in my brain because as the cancer ate at her brain she became less and less of who she was and finally lapsed into a place that no longer allowed any communication with us until her body finally gave up – it was the hardest time of my life ever .

I’ve seen others in my family and extended family die from this insipid disease , mothers of young adult’s yet to see them marry and have their own children and watch them grow up, mother of young children yet to see them grow up 😦  and many others who have suffered or had friends or their extended family suffer from Cancer.

We need Hero’s like Charlie Teo , pioneers who go against that “usual” who are not afraid to push back and say NO there is another way.

I am not advocating that people stop treatment that is recommended to them because until there are more Charlie’s who surge forward in finding other ways to treat cancer , surgery and invasive treatments like chemo and radio are the only things available to us.
But we can start to look after our cells now. We can cut out crappy food , When I say that I don’t mean stop your life and be miserable I mean really look at your lifestyle and what you consume on a daily basis and make changes !.  There are things that we fundamentally need to stop consuming . Then there are things where there are other alternatives that can be a lesser of the two evils. For example Margarine & Butter. If you can’t make your own Butter you can buy spreadable butter, you can look for spreadable butters that are on special if you think they are too costly. But in reality what price can you put on your health ? Factory made Margarine is full of nasties and is one of the first things that needs to leave your refrigerator !

Soft drink consumption ? not only is it full of sugar but again additives . A Lemonade now and then or a sparkling Soda water with Fresh Citrus Juices Lemon Lime Orange is a far better option than guzzling cokes , fanta , sprite, and those energy drinks ( don’t get me started on those ! )
I personally do not drink soft drinks because I find them too sweet but I will have a soda water with freshly squeezed citrus and every now and then, and if we are out at a function I will allow my children to have a small lemonade . The rest of the time they consume water. No juices just water . I have written this to share that it IS ok now and then to have something like this – You have to pick your “battles” Living a daily life of healthy living with eating and what you use in your home and personally with the odd lemonade isn’t going to give you cancer ! it isn’t going to make you drop dead of a heart attack. If you consumed it daily that could be a different story 😉 

Making changes in your everyday life around the home using natural cleaning solutions like bicarb , vinegar , essential oils , natural cleaning products that do work.
Looking at more natural products for your bathroom and personal products – there are many sites that have advice on ways to be more natural , products you can buy that are more natural , products you can make that are more natural – you just have to google and do your research.

In this crazy life we all live we need to take some time out and put our health first so that we can live a better healthier life.

One of the other things Charlie talked about was raising his daughters. He said the best thing we can do is to raise our children to be people we want to be around.

Charlie has an amazing outlook of giving back – where he does 3 -4 months of charity work overseas doing surgery for those that can not afford neurosurgery and also training others .
He also supports the non two legged kind in the Orang-utans

Check out the video to see what Charlie is doing to raise money in July this year for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation – its pretty awesome !

I think you’re amazing Charlie Teo  I think you are undoubtedly a Hero not just by the lives you have saved and will save but for the future when you are gone but your legacy will remain that will save countless lives.

Great Show Alex Malley If you missed the show you can watch it here The Conversation with Alex Malley

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