Pizzelle Makers Savoury Waffles Canoli – Make your own

At the end of last year when there wasn’t a lot on television in the evenings, we were flipping through the channels and came across this little show …. on SBS… Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca

30 minutes of pure delight with Italian cooking in Silvia’s home country Italy. Its a fanastic show, teh scenery , the people , the food and the way Silvia presents it all is beautiful. On one of the shows Silvia was making Pizzelle , which literally means “Little Pizza’s” except they aren’t 🙂 The ones Silvia was making were a savory cracker like biscuit.  To serve with Cold meats, cheeses , olives etc  That recipe is here Savoury white wine and olive oil waffles

I had to have one of these little machines that made these amazing crackers ! So I went on the hunt and I couldn’t find any available easily in Australia In fact at the time I couldn’t find any and certainly not the stove top ones.  I found a stove top one in the USA that was a vintage model from 1940’s and it was in an unused condition . It arrived the other week and this is what I made


I posted about my discoveries and subsequent making of the Pizzelle which created a bit of a buzz on my facebook page Here

Soon I was contacted by someone who is a business here in Australia , that imports fabulous products from Italy Globe Importers  and yes they sell Pizzelle Makers both stove top and electric!. So we got to talking and worked out a fabulous offer for ALL – Thermoblitz.com followers you will get 10 % of your Pizzelle Maker of choice and even the accessories ! Accessories that are used to make Canoli  and other such delights !YUM

All you have to do is send me a email to support@thermoblitz.com to received your unique discount code ! I will then send your details to Globe Importers and their full contact name and details to you and you can purchase direct from them with your unique code and get your 10% off !

Here is the link to my facebook page that showcases the Pizzelle Makers and Accessories that are available for sale .  Pizzelle Makers for Sale

These are some more of the yummy things you can make with a Pizzelle Maker





3 thoughts on “Pizzelle Makers Savoury Waffles Canoli – Make your own

  1. Hi there
    Did you do this in the thermomix? Did you put all the ingredients in at once? What speed and how long? I have my mother in laws traditional recipe and an electric pizzelle maker but would LOVE to be able to do the batter in the thermomix!


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